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We are experienced trial lawyers. Ansa Assuncao attorneys treat our clients' problems as our own and fight hard to get the best results possible for them.

We know how to help you. We are New York lawyers with decades of experience fighting in the New York courts. We handle cases in all 5 NYC Boroughs and the surrounding counties. We are also regularly asked to take charge of cases in other states around the country.

For a decade, Ansa Assuncao has specialized in accident cases involving people who have sustained serious or life-changing injuries as a result of accidents involving automobiles, semi-truck and tractor-trailer, buses and motorcycles. We also have broad expertise in cases involving industrial plant and manufacturing accidents, explosions of steam, chemicals or flammable materials; medical malpractice, malfunctioning escalators and elevators, dangerous conditions on properties and product defects.

We try to serve the hardworking people of the state. We are dedicated to getting the best results for the construction workers, electricians, civil servants and ironworkers injured on the job. We have litigated hundreds of cases involving construction accidents, elevator and escalator accidents, catastrophic industrial accidents, wrongful death, motor vehicle accidents, tractor-trailer collisions and medical malpractice cases.

We understand the obstacles you face when seeking justice. Ansa Assuncao is committed to bringing your case to fellow citizens, the juries, so that they understand how your injury has affected your life. Our law firm is not interested in a "quick settlement" unless you believe it serves your interests. Our objective is always to seek the last dollar that you are entitled to under the law.

Ansa Assuncao has the legal and trial experience to fight any case. We have the reputation as hard workers, approaching every trial with the necessary skill to win in the courtroom.

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