Truck Accidents

Because trucking accidents are complicated, they require experienced trucking accident attorneys. For example, truck accidents require the most thorough post-accident investigations, and those investigation almost always require the testimony and analysis of expert witnesses.

Attorneys at Ansa Assuncao have handled high impact catastrophic trucking accidents nationwide for more than a decade. Accidents involving tractor trailers, large trucks, tanker trucks and construction vehicles present injured parties with the most complex legal and technical hurdles. Accident victims benefit from an attorney's experience to overcome these hurdles and prove their case in order to be fully compensated for their injuries resulting from the negligence of truck drivers.

Ansa Assuncao has a forensic team in place to reconstruct your accident so that the truth is revealed. We have the personnel on staff that have the proven skill, resources and experience to investigate trucking accident scenes within hours, so that critical evidence is documented through photographs and measurements before it disappears in the hours and days after an accident. The evidence, including skid marks, yaw marks, debris, vehicle crush damage, gouge marks, fluid (oil, gas, and radiator fluid) and stains, is then catalogued and analyzed. For years, we have partnered with the most-sophisticated teams of accident reconstruction experts using the foremost technology available in computer animation and 3-D Modeling. The result is that the story of how you were injured can be clearly and effectively presented and proven to a jury.

To protect your rights, Ansa Assuncao attorneys have the experience to interpret the vast and often complex web of federal, state and local trucking laws, rules and regulations. If a lawsuit is filed, we will use this to ensure that we prove every violation committed by a negligent truck driver.

For more than a decade, the law firm of Ansa Assuncao has been advising clients about their legal options in trucking accidents. Together with our specially trained legal assistants, our attorneys work hard to prepare your case for a successful settlement or trial verdict. But more than that, along the often difficult journey you have to make to reach full recovery, our trucking accident attorneys will keep in constant contact with you and answer all your questions.

We have one goal: To fight for you until you receive fair and just compensation for the often catastrophic and life-altering injuries that occur on the road.

The trucking accident attorneys at Ansa Assuncao know how to handle trucking accident claims and produce successful results. If you or a loved one has been hurt or killed in a trucking accident, contact us for a Free Consultation.